ANG Model Management is a freshly developed Bay Area modeling agency, founded in 2018 by Ayana Gordon. ANG Model Management’s mission is to target unique individuals with the ability to be great in front of a camera. ANG Model Management stands out from the traditional modeling agency by excelling in providing personalized, a la carte services to the modeling industry; giving models and clients confidence to accomplish any project. While attending FIDM SF (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising), Ayana Gordon chose to follow her passion and start her own business within model management. ANG Model Management was created and designed to provide an outlet for young unique individuals to find their identity and explore the world of modeling. ANG Model Management works hard to network with potential clients, provide a trusting system that will guide models to their success, and building models to expose their full potential. ANG Model Management isn’t just about pushing models to become their best, but also building a family.

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